About Glynn

Glynn Frederick is a professional real estate advisor with a welcoming personality. Glynn specializes in buying and selling residential properties, consulting, as well as commercial real estate. Before venturing fully into real estate, he worked as a global consultant in the oil and gas industry.

His years of work experience makes him no stranger to administrative work, sales, customer service, marketing, and management. As a realtor, he displays well-oriented professional knowledge and understanding of the industry, making him your go-to realtor. Born in Frankfurt Main, Germany, and raised in Acadiana, Glynn has also resided in Omaha, NE, Houston, TX, and Hot Springs, AR, giving him great understanding of the geographical market.

Honed by years of working with diverse people, Glynn showcases outstanding customer service, vast knowledge, communication, reliability, and enthusiastic response to projects. However, he recognizes the need to bring excellent service to his clients, and so strives to be professional at all times. Glynn seeks to maintain lasting relationships with his clients. Beyond real estate, he is passionate about working with youth and supporting their development through sports and other life interests.